Production entertainment travelFOR THE MOVIE AND MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY

Platinum Travel Solutions team has been dealing with production entertainment travel since 2010. During this period, we have taken part in organizing trips for hundreds of productions, coordinating about 100,000 trips. We dare to say that we know what are this special sector's needs.

Our service model is designed for the schedule of filmmakers, which means that we are used to evening, weekend and holiday work. We benefit from special business conditions with the world's major airlines, we have access to the most and best special prices for movies. Our contractual formula and invoicing system comply with the current legislation applicable to Hungarian film production companies.

We provide a complex travel service, from planning to implementation, from flight tickets, ground services (transfers, greeter and VIP services, train tickets, bus tickets, accommodation and car rental, insurance) to private jets or even crew and cargo charters, or up to occasional delivery of goods.


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